Friday, 31 January 2014

CrossFit in Tokyo: Training for Life in the City - Sami Kawahara, Tokyo Weekender

• 10 minutes - Coach's choice of dynamic warm up incorporating the following movements:
1) Weighted Strict Pull Ups x 5 (use a spotter, if necessary; do not add weight if using a spotter)
2) Back Extensions x 10 (not weighted; hip trapped on top of GHD pad)

12 minutes to work up to “Max for the Day” for your Deadlift.
• Give yourself three attempts at a given weight.  If you miss three attempts, you are done and your max is deemed as your last successful lift.

EMOM for 20 minutes:
Odd minutes – 1 Deadlift @ 83% of DL “Max for the Day”, then AMRAP of Double Unders with remaining time.
Even minutes – Rest.
• Your score is total pounds lifted plus total Double Unders completed.