Saturday, 15 February 2013

** Due to the ongoing "Snowpocalypse", the Yokota Samurai Fitness Center will be closed.   The training for the day was designed to be completed anywhere with limited equipment required.  If you can find a friend or two to do this with, all the better! **

• 10 minutes - Athlete's choice of dynamic warm up.

AMRAP 2 minutes:  Pistols
Rest 1 minute
AMRAP 2 minutes:  Push Ups
• Treat these as you would a typical strength workout – focus on total force applied, technique, and maximizing output with minimal rest.

21-­15-­9 reps for time:
Alternating Stationary Reverse Lunges (reps are “per leg”, not combined)
Overhead “Object” Sit Ups (athlete’s choice of weight and object)

• The type of object used for the Overhead "Object" Sit Ups can be anything you can safely hoist over your head in a seated position.  The weight is up to you...  Keep it safe but shoot for 35# for men and 25# for women.

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