Samurai CrossFit Open 14.2 Judging

*** Samurai CrossFit will be judging and videotaping CrossFit Games Open 14.2 at the Yokota Samurai Fitness Center's Cross Training side of the Annex on Saturday, March 8th from 8:30 am to 11:30 am .   Judging will be open to anyone at no cost but, just like any other CrossFit affiliate, we are going to prioritize Samurai CrossFit competitors first and then work in unaffiliated and traveling affiliated competitors.   We plan to keep judging until everyone is done.   Once our reservation time runs out, if other gym patrons become a hazard to competition, we may consider calling it based on safety.   EVERYONE who wants to get judged by Samurai CrossFit must have one of our electronic waivers on file with us BEFORE your workout. If you need a link to the waiver, please e-mail us at Please be on time and have a waiver on file!  3, 2, 1, Go! ***

Samurai CrossFit is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the Yokota Samurai Fitness Center, the United States Air Force, or Department of Defense.

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