Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Use of Ratios for Weakness Identification and Programming - Jean-Patrick Millette, First Pull

1) 8 minutes, alternating:
   a) Strict Weighted Pull Ups (Beignners perform Strict Pull Ups with a spotter)
   b) Hollow Hold
2) 5 minutes - Coach's choice of dynamic warm up and/or mobility drills.

1) High Bar Back Squat:  2 x 10 – Rest 1:00 after each set.  Choose a weight that is challenging but allows you to perform both sets with perfect form; increase or decrease weight for second set to ensure proper form and explosive ascent out of the bottom.
2) Front Squat:  1 x Max Unbroken Reps @ 100% of set #2 (after 1:00 rest).

1) High Bar Back Squat:  1 attempt to establish a 20RM – rest 1:00 (before #2).
This is an adaptation week.  Do not go to a true 20RM, but try to get close.  Percentages will vary, but typically somewhere between 65-70% HBBS 1RM is a good place to start.
2) Front Squat:  Max Unbroken Reps @ 100% of #1 (after 1:00 rest).

EMOM, as long as possible, for 10 minutes:
3/2 Unbroken Muscle Ups
5 Touch and Go Deadlifts, 225/155#
• If you fall behind on the EMOM, continue with an AMRAP mentality until you catch back up or until 10 minutes expires.  Keep track of every time you break on the Muscle Ups and Deadlifts…  There will be a one-Burpee penalty due for each time you break at the end of the workout.  If you do not have high rings available, or you are still building the strength for your first Muscle Up, substitute 5/3 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups + 5/3 Dips each round.

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