Monday, 16 June 2014

1) Flexibility – Box Shoulder Stretch:  4 x 20 seconds
2) Static Shaping – Chin to Toes Handstand Hold:  4 x 30 seconds
3) Conditioning – 3 attempts at a Maximum Effort Handstand Walk

BEGINNER WEIGHTLIFTING (alternating sets; 1a, then 1b, then 1a, etc.)
1a) Deadlift:  3x5 – Start at a challenging weight which also allows you to maintain perfect form; attempt to increase weight each set.
1b) Push Up/Dip/Weighted Dip:  3x8 – Chose the most difficult movement you can complete all reps unbroken.

1) Split Jerk (from rack or blocks):  5x2 – Work up to a 2-Rep Max for the Day in 5 working sets.
2) EMOM for 5 minutes:  2 Squat Cleans @ 90% of Max Split Jerk Double from #1.

 for time:
Burpees (to a 6” target, if available)
Wall Balls, 20/14#
• 10-minute time limit.  Note whether you used a 6" target when recording your score.