Monday, 23 June 2014

1) Flexibility – PVC Shoulder Raises:  3x12
2) Skills and Drills
   a) Wall Med-Ball Snap to Hollow:  3x12, 20/14#; make sure you are using the momentum you gain from snapping your body from an arch to a hollow position to throw the ball.  Do not break your shoulder angle on the follow through.
   b) Seal Walk:  3x30 feet

1a) Single Arm, Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift (ipsilateral):  3x8 (each leg)
1b) Single Arm Kettlebell Bench Press:  3x8 (each arm)

1) Split Jerk (from rack):  5x2 – Work up to a Max Double for the Day.
2) EMOM for 5 minutes:  2 Squat Cleans @ 90% of Max Split Jerk Double from #1.

3 rounds for time:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 24/16kg
• 15-minute time limit.