Tuesday, 22 July 2014

WARM UP (15 minutes)
• 3 rounds:
   1. Kick Up to Handstand x 3 attempts
   2. Ring Push Ups x 5
   3. Tripod/Frog Stand x 10 seconds
   4. Overhead Squats x 10 (45/35#)
   5. Kettlebell Deadlifts x 10 reps (24/16 kg)

20 minutes to establish a 1RM High Bar Back Squat.
• Once you reach the 80-90% range of your goal weight, take 2 minutes rest then perform a “Walkout” (simply set up like you’re going to squat, walk out of the rack, and hold the weight on your back for 5 seconds – DO NOT attempt to squat – belts are recommended for this movement) with 5-10% more than your projected maximal Squat.  If you are projecting 300#, walk out with 315-330#.  After your “Walkout”, rest 2 minutes then begin your near maximal and maximal attempts.  If you have not missed an attempt you may go slightly over the time limitation.

For time:
100 Burpees
Strict 12-minute time limit.

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