Friday, 15 August 2014

WARM UP (15 minutes)
• 3 rounds:
   1. Strict Gymnastic Kip Attempts x 3 (most challenging variation) 
   2. Strict Pull Ups x 5 (spotter-assisted, if required; add weight, if possible)
   3. Tuck L-Hang x 10 seconds
   4. Kettlebell Swings x 10 (16/12kg)

Pause High Bar Back Squat (3-second pause at bottom of each rep):  5x3 – Work up to a Max Triple for the Day.

EMOM, as long as possible, for 10 minutes:
4 Unbroken Push Jerks, 135/90#
5 Unbroken Toes-to-Bar
20 Unbroken Double Unders
• If you fall behind on the EMOM, continue with an AMRAP mentality until you catch back up or until 10 minutes expires.  Keep track of every time you break on the Push Jerks, Toes-to-Bar, and Double Unders…  There will be a one-Burpee penalty due after the 10 minutes expires for each time you break either of the movements.

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