Saturday, 2 August 2014

*** Due to a last minute closure of the fitness center, we've made an adjustment to both the time and the location of our training...  We'll meet at 1030 at the Natatorium on the east  side of Yokota Air Base for a Swim WOD! ***

• 2 rounds:
   1. 50m Swim
   2. Tight Arch x 30 seconds
   3. 50m Kick
   4. Hollow Hold x 30 seconds
   5. 50m Pull
“Pull” means using the arms only, with paddles on the hands and a buoy between the legs; “Kick” means using the legs only, with the arms on a kickboard;  “Swim” means using the full-body stroke.  Calisthenics are done on the pool deck.

30-minute AMRAP:
20 Air Squats
50m Kick
15 Push Ups
50m Pull
10 Burpees
50m Swim

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