Tuesday, 30 September 2014

WARM UP (10 minutes total)
A) 3 rounds, but no more than 5 minutes:
   2. Pistols x 5 (each leg)
   3. Hip Extensions x 10
B) 5 minutes:  Movement-specific Warm Up for Snatch Deadlift and Snatch Pull.

1) Snatch Deadlift:  3x2 – As heavy as possible while maintaining proper positions.
2) Snatch Pull:  3x2 – As heavy as possible while maintaining proper positions.

EMOM for 12 minutes:  3-Position Pause Snatch Pull @ Snatch 1RM.
Pause for 3 seconds at each position then jump and shrug (once).
Position 1 – Just below knees, work for vertical shins and back in full extension.
Position 2 – Above knees, work for shoulders over the bar, bar pulled into thighs.
Position 3 – Pockets, work for vertical torso, knees forward and weight in mid-foot.

7 rounds:
2 minutes to complete:
200m Run
7 Deadlifts, 280/185# (scale weight to no less than 65% DL 1RM, if required)
Max reps of Double Unders in the remaining time.
- Rest 1 minute between rounds.
• Score is total number of Double Unders performed.

EXTRA CREDIT (after class, if you have the time)
20 Muscle Ups for time (if you are still perfecting the MU, work on a progression).
- Every time you break, rest for 1 full minute.