Wednesday, 28 January 2015

WARM UP (10 minutes)
50 Bar Facing Hand Release Burpees
• Push slightly harder than last time.

WEIGHTLIFTING (25 minutes)
1) 5 x 1 Snatch ”Second Pull Drill” – Keep weight at, or under, 65% of Snatch 1RM.
• Slowly pull the bar from the just above the knees (shoulders over the bar) to the Power position (torso vertical), pause for 3 seconds, and then return to the above the knee position and complete a Hang Power Snatch.
2) Power Snatch:  5x2 – Reset between Snatches; add weight every successful set but keep the weight moderate, not heavy.

Row:  3 x 1,000m (or Run:  3 x 800m, only if rower is not available)
- Rest 2 minutes between intervals.
• You should perform the same movement (rowing or running) you did on Monday, January 19th with your goal being to maintain your 2km rowing pace (or 1 mile running pace) from the 19th across all three intervals.