Saturday, 14 March 2015

WARM UP (8 minutes or less)
3 rounds:
25 Jumping Jacks
5 Squat Jumps
7 “Nurpees” (No Push Up Burpees)

"Bergeron Beep Test (CFNE)"
Every minute on the minute, for as long as possible:
7 Thrusters, 75/55#
7 Pull Ups
7 Burpees
• Complete 1 round a minute until you can no longer complete the full round worth of reps in that minute.  Your score is total rounds plus additional completed reps.
 - Super Elite/Specialists: 20+ rounds
 - Games Level Athletes: 18+ rounds
 - Regional Level Athletes: 13+ rounds
 - Open Level Athletes: 9+ rounds
• Crossfit New England’s “Bergeron Beep Test” is an excellent test of CrossFit-specific conditioning and mental fortitude.  Smaller and shorter athletes, particularly those with shorter arms, have an advantage in this test.  Regardless, it is one of the best tests of CrossFit sport-specific conditioning and should be used as one of several tools to benchmark YOUR improvements throughout the year.

Clean up, rest, movement prep, set up, and warm up for exactly 12 minutes after you complete your last round of the "Bergeron Beep Test", then:

CONDITIONING #2 (16 minutes)
For each movement, perform 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds:
Row for Calories
Push Ups
Abmat Sit Ups
Box Jumps, 24/20#
• Complete all 8 rounds of each movement before moving to next movement.  Your score is the total reps completed during all 32 intervals combined.