Max Out Friday

July 31

Athletes will Test 4 skills and/or Mectons.  Pick an challenge from different modalities and test your best efforts.  For official scores have a coach judge and/or count for you.  

Listed below are some examples, but welcome to ask a coach for ideas or just be creative. Lets fill that PR Board!!!

Max Effort (ME) Pull ups
ME Unbroken Wall Ball (24/20)
ME Handstand Push Ups
ME Unbroken Muscle Ups

Unbroken Double Unders
400m/800m/1 Mile Run
500m/1K/2K Row

5rep/3rep/1rep Squat (BS/FS/OHS)
ME Unbroken Thrusters (95/65)
Clean and Jerk

Hero Workouts
Open Workouts

Announcements:  We're still requesting volunteers to help move weights for the Ma Strength seminar.  Any time you can give will be greatly appreciated.  Times will be after class Friday and 10am Sunday.

Saturdays Class is cancelled due to the seminar and SFC closure.  A swim WOD will be posted for those who want to go to the Nat (Opens at 1030)