June 15, 2016

Samurai CrossFit,

This summer we are loosing a majority of our coaches to transfers and have not found new board members to take take over the program.  Unfortunately our last day of official programing and classes will be June 15th.

As notice for anyone at Yokota interested in taking over the affiliate and private organization, the basic infrastructure will still be available:
-Private Org Constitution and paper work
-Military CrossFit Affiliate License
-Domain Name/Website
-Gmail account w/ document drive
-Facebook Page/Group
Please contact us through the website or Facebook Page if you are interested in transferring over any of these resources.

SCF wants to the thank our coaches for the countless volunteer hours put in to running the program and coaching classes.  A special thanks to those that set the foundation for our affiliate and private organization.  To all our members, past and present, it’s been an amazing opportunity to be part of your fitness journey and we hope that you continue represent CrossFit and Samurai CF here at Yokota.


Samurai CrossFit Coaches and Board