July 11, 2016

      Handstand progressions!

            If you are unable to do handstands on the wall: 
                  5 sets of 60 seconds each: 
                  Hollow Body Planks
                  Tripod/fully extended Headstand

            If you do not have a freestanding handstand:
                  Tabatas (8 sets of 20 seconds of movements, 10 seconds of rest)
                  Handstand on wall, chest to wall
                  Handstand on wall, back to wall

             If you have a freestanding handstand: 
                  5/10 minutes of handstand walks (record longest distance) 
                  AND/OR  5/10 minutes of straddle press to handstand work

                  Six rounds for time of:
                  24 squats
                  24 push ups
                  24 walking lunge steps
                  Run 400 meters

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