Upcoming Events

   Foundations Class
Next date: TBD
7am-9am @ Samurai Fitness Center Crosstraining Annex

We teach a Foundations Class to ensure each person has safely gone through the mechanics of movement and has an overall understanding of CrossFit methodology while analyzing and evaluating each athlete’s range of motion, flexibility and overall capacity in functional movement. Coached by one of our Crossfit Level 1 certified coaches, and delivered in small group or private sessions, the Elements Class is designed to get you to your first CrossFit class with the knowledge and awareness you need to be SAFE and SUCCESSFUL.

* We understand that some people have previous CrossFit experience. If you are a seasoned CrossFitter, please contact us to schedule a barbell assessment with one of our coaches. This is our way to assess you, your experience and will expedite you into regular classes.

Please email Samuraicrossfit@gmail.com for more details.  Email and completed online Waiver and Release form required to book class.