Have you ever considered becoming a coach? There is something truly rewarding about sharing the CrossFit experience with others, helping people through the highs and lows of their fitness journey, and getting more involved within our ever growing and supportive Samurai CrossFit community.
At Samurai CrossFit we pride ourselves on the excellence and dedication of our voluntary Coaching team and have developed an extensive apprenticeship program to furthermore improve the quality of our future coaches that join our SCF family.
This is how it works…..
All Coaches begin as apprentices, this stage of the program is designed to assist new coaches learn the basics, familiarize themselves with the facility, our members, our coaches and to get an overall view of what to expect when Coaching with the Samurai Team.
What our apprenticeship program consists of…..

  • Continue to attend a minimum of 2 hours per week of group class.
  • Complete 10 hours of shadowing our current coaching team.
  • Complete 8 hours of coaching assist (warm-up, partial coaching of workout movements, assist in cueing athletes for proper movement)
  • 2 hours (2 classes) of coaching with a coach’s critique afterwards by our head coach.
  • Study and learn Coaching cues, progressions and all CrossFit movements.
  • Bring in your friends and family to train. As the sessions progress, apprentice takes on more responsibility and an increased role in delivering the coaching.

Whats expected….
  • 2-5 hours of Group shadowing per week
  • 1 hour of On Ramp, shadowing one of our senior Coaches
  • Attendance with all Coaches meetings and training
  • Assisting with the organization of community, and charity events
  • Membership drive
The benefits of doing an apprentice program….
  • To gain depth in knowledge on program design, assessment, mobility, nutrition and life coaching
  • Logged coaching hours for volunteerwork/resume.

Still interested in becoming a coach?
If you are interested in doing our apprentice program and are ready to take on this truly rewarding experience, please email samuraicrossfit@gmail.com with your letter of application. ***Please note that a minimum requirement for this program is a CrossFit Level 1 Certification.***